Don’t worry, eZ SCRATCH has a safe rounded tip so it’s soft and gentle on your scalp. This  means that your vulnerable scalp is protected from getting irritations that can lead to infection.

The total length of eZ SCRATCH is 4 inches about the size of your palm so it’s easy to use discreetly. This means you can easily stop that nagging, hard to reach itch in meetings, on dates, or even at happy hour events without a single person ever noticing. 


Is eZ SCRATCH just used for scratching?

eZ SCRATCH is a multi-functional hair tool. Because of eZ SCRATCH’s custom design you can use it to remove braids quicker, this means that you save tons of time using a tool that’s actually works better at taking down braids.

eZ looks similar to a rattail comb, is it the same?

Before eZS: Your rattail never really got to the places you really needed it to go, you just ‘made do’ with it. You couldn’t pack it around in your smaller bags, because its twice the size of eZ SCRATCH. And you had to be careful not to injure your scalp. Plus, you still had to resort to ‘head patting’ when the rattail didn’t get the job done.

After eZ SCRATCH: Soon you’ll be feeling like” hey, this actually works well”. Your scalp is protected from abrasions that could cause infections to set in, you easily get to every hard to reach itches without messing up your hairstyle, you received your eZ SCRATCH quickly and started using it even quicker. You now have a safe, quick, classy, and discreet way to stop nagging itches that match your self- image and lifestyle. You feel good about your purchase.

How do I clean eZ SCRATCH

eZS is made of quality and durable materials so overall it’s design prevents the spread of germs. However, like any other grooming product it will need to be sanitized occasionally. Simply clean it thoroughly with soap and water as needed.

Celebrity Testimonials

“Yo, this feels great! I don’t even have to mess up my twists to scratch my scalp!”

Anthony Anderson
Actor, Comedian, Writer

“Deon Cole, you just saved my life! My braids were itchy and I remembered I had your tool!”

Niecy Nash

Braids staying right & tight while using eZ SCRATCH!

Jonathan Fatu
WWE Wrestler

“It is really fantastic, thank you Deon Cole! (heart)”

Elise Neal

Rose Rice

Co-Inventor, Entrepreneur

Deon Cole

Co-Inventor, Actor, Comedian


Co-founder, Rose Rice attended one of Deon Cole’s comedy shows in Houston,TX.  When given the opportunity for a meet and greet after the show, Rose walked on stage patting her head like crazy to get his attention.

She then explained how eZ SCRATCH filled a void for an unmet customer need.  Deon embraced the concept immediately and the two were discussing partnership the following week.